Conserves Resources
Something old becomes the raw material for something new. It does not end up in the trash but “lives” on and conserves resources thereby. Upcycling reduces the new production of raw material.

It’s in vogue
Their individuality makes useful designed upcycling products stand out and aesthetically appealing. Upcycling is modern and becomes more and more important.

Upcycling works with worn-out objects and brings a new emphasis to it. Obsolete materials are processed creatively, changing its use before those are processed further to high quality products.

Individualizes the product
Each upcycling product reveals its actual function, each one has a past. The origin remains identifiable and gives individuality to the new product.

Bears responsibility and supports the environment
By buying upcycled products, everyone makes a sustainable contribution to the environment. Aside of the added value, there also arise marketing opportunities for environmentally aware companies who are able to communicate their attitude thereby.